How Do Companies Fight Truck Accident Lawsuits?

Posted on September 25, 2019 by Donald G. Targan & Associates

Truck accidents often leave the worst injuries and damages for the victim of accidents on the road. It is not uncommon for defense attorneys in truck accident cases to try to blame victims for their injuries. Why do companies do this? This is done in an attempt to reduce potential damages that could go to victims, by placing responsibility in their hands. Therefore it is important to speak to our Atlantic City injury attorneys if you have been involved in a truck crash. Sadly, this occurred recently when Wal-Mart filed documents in a federal court in response to a lawsuit brought on by actor Tracy Morgan. Morgan was involved in a truck accident in Newark in 2014, when Kevin Roper struck the limousine he was riding in. Roper, who was working for Wal-Mart, was charged with death by auto and assault by auto charges in a state court. He reportedly…
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