Delayed Symptoms After a Car Accident

Posted on November 25, 2019 by Donald G. Targan & Associates
Picture of man involved in a case with an Atlantic City car accident attorney

Learn to Recognize These Delayed Symptoms after a Car Accident Immediately after a car accident, you may feel shaken, confused, and scared. After all, a car accident is scary. Some individuals may feel relieved to have escaped relatively uninjured. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Even if you do not believe you suffered an injury, the adrenaline from the accident may mask the signs and symptoms of a serious injury. Learning to recognize these signs and symptoms is the key to receiving prompt medical attention. The Mayo Clinic lists symptoms of commonly delayed injuries. If you recognize these symptoms after a car accident, seek medical help immediately. Some of these injuries could be life-threatening if not treated quickly. A concussion is a milder form of brain injury. When the brain suffers an injury, it can begin to swell. Evidence of this inflammation may take hours before becoming fully apparent….
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