Are You Ready for the New Jersey Motorcycle Season?

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Traffic Accident Between A Car And A Motorcycle

New Jersey winters are hard on motorcyclists and their bikes. It forces riders to pine away for sunny riding days, and it forces their bikes into the garage for months. That’s not good for a rider or their bike.

As we enter March, warmer weather is on the horizon. This means that motorcycle season is finally upon us. While this fact is sure to excite avid bikers, a word of caution is also advised.

New Jersey’s track record with motorcycle fatalities has been spotty as of late. In 2017, the state saw an alarming increase in motorcycle-related deaths. Fortunately, 2018 saw a reverse in this trend, but motorcyclists still belong to the most vulnerable group of roadway motorists. For this reason, New Jersey bikers should take extra precautions when prepping to get back on the road this spring.

Preparing for Motorcycle Season in New Jersey

Having gone months without a proper ride, both you and your bike will likely be a bit rusty. For this reason, we encourage bikers to give the following motorcycle checklist a go.

  • Prep your bike.
    Assessing the state of your bike after months in storage goes a long way for motorcycle safety. Cold weather makes checking the battery and tire conditions on your bike a good place to start. If the battery was not removed for storage, or hooked up to a tender in the meantime, it will likely be weak. You will want to charge or replace the battery before getting back out on the road.
    At the same time, changes in temperature can affect your tire pressure. Bikes stored without a stand are even more likely to experience deflation in the tires. For this reason, it’s a good idea to inspect your tires for changes in pressure, as well as for any cracks or bulges.
    Checking the state of your bike’s fluid levels is also ideal when prepping for motorcycle season. Depending on your storage preparations, you may need to drain your bike’s gasoline or have the fuel tank flushed. Further, cold weather can break down brake fluid. This means you’ll want to change your brake fluid before getting back out on the road.
  • Assess your riding gear.
    While a healthy bike may keep you in motion, healthy gear may keep you alive. In a motorcycle accident, your riding gear is the only thing that stands between you and the road. Before hitting the road this motorcycle season, assess your helmet for wear, tear and cracks. You should also inspect the padding, protectors and buckles on your riding clothes.
  • Get back in your groove.
    Unless you braved New Jersey’s roads on your bike this winter, chances are that you’re a little rusty. Take some time to reacquaint yourself with your machine and your best motorcycle safety practices. Performing a check ride can help you readjust to riding, while also giving you the opportunity to assess your bike for any issues. Take a few quick laps around your neighborhood to get ready for this year’s motorcycle season. Or find an empty parking lot to practice your turns, braking and other riding skills.

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Winter is a frustrating time for motorcyclists but try not to rush getting back in the saddle. Motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in injury or death. So, being fully prepared to hit the road is a must for New Jersey riders.

However, all the preparation in the world may not be enough to prevent a collision. If you have recently experienced a motorcycle accident, contact our Atlantic City accident attorneys today. We can answer your questions and discuss your legal options in a free initial consultation. To learn more, give us a call at (609) 348-1106.

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