Hurt Because of a Defective Product? Victim of Consumer Fraud?

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Atlantic City product liability lawyers seek compensation from negligent manufacturers

Product safety laws protect the public from harm. Lawyers have played a very important part in protecting the public by enforcing these laws. Landmark cases against tobacco, pharmaceutical and automotive companies all started with a lawyer taking up the fight on behalf of a client. Atlantic City product liability lawyers Donald G. Targan hold corporations accountable for the harm caused to families by unsafe products, as shown in the verdicts and settlements our clients received.

Examples of How Our Law Firm Helped Victims of Defective and Dangerous Products

The dedicated law firm of Donald G. Targan & Associates recovered millions of dollars for its clients in products liability actions, including, the following:

  • An $8.8-million-dollar verdict against a crane manufacturer and an employer when a straddle crane crushed a worker to death.
  • An $850,000 settlement for a seriously injured motorist who was in a moving vehicle when a defective utility pole fell and crushed the car.
  • A $2.9-million-dollar settlement against a U.S. Military defense contractor who negligently delivered scrap metal mixed with explosives to a recycling facility, resulting in an explosion that caused an Ocean County man to burn to death.

Examples of Product Liability Issues

When you purchase a product, you hope that it works the way it should to work. You hope that the product will perform as its manufacturer has advertised and that your purchase will be worthwhile. Above all, you hope the product is safe for you and your family. Too often, in today’s bottom line driven corporations, companies ignore product safety standards and people get hurt.

Here are a few examples:

  • Toys manufactured overseas that contain lead or other toxic materials that can endanger the lives and health of you and your children.
  • Medications manufactured by companies that deliberately conceal the harm caused by the product.
  • Toxic chemicals contained in household items, including cookware.
  • Industrial equipment with inadequate machine guards that put speed and profit before worker safety.

Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. If you have a doubt or think a product caused your injury, let us know. You may be the first, but you are probably not the only one with a similar injury. In recent years, corporations have increasingly moved manufacturing to less regulated countries, oftentimes at the expense of consumer safety. As a result, corporations that cut corners also do so at the expense of legitimate manufacturers who are trying to run their businesses the right way.

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act: What It Is and What It Protects You From

Consumers are also taken advantage of by corporations that sell items in violation of the Consumer Fraud Act. Again, this harms the consumer, the marketplace and law-abiding corporations. Examples include:

  • Mislabeling and Deceptive Marketing of food and drug products in violation of FDA and other safety regulations
  • Counterfeit goods, e.g., a nationwide chain of drugstores selling knockoff beauty products packaged as designer products to deceive consumers into paying more for low-quality items.
  • Unfair Debt Collection

The law holds businesses accountable for deceptive practices and for design, labeling and manufacturing defects.

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Consumers in New Jersey who are injured by dangerous products or are victims of Consumer Fraud should contact our law firm to find out more information about their rights when it comes to products liability. We can answer your product liability questions and explain your legal options. We will commit the necessary resources to successfully represent our clients while also providing individual attention.