Is the Atlantic City Boardwalk’s Polarcoaster Going to Be Safe?

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Per The Press of Atlantic City, the former site of the Sands casino will soon have a new resident in the form of a 350-foot vertical rollercoaster called the Polarcoaster. Construction on the amusement park is expected to begin later this year and plans are for the Polarcoaster to be open to the public in Summer 2019. The Polarcoaster should bring much-needed revenue to Atlantic City. However, it is important that the safety of those building, operating and riding the Polarcoaster take priority over economic concerns.

A rollercoaster accident at a Six Flags in Maryland proves these rides can and do falter, and when they do, it endangers lives. After the Joker’s Jinx rollercoaster at Six Flags in Prince George’s County, Maryland became stuck, 24 passengers were stranded hanging at a 30-degree angle 80 feet in the air for over three hours. Firefighters responding to the scene had to use a hydraulic lift to remove each rider one at a time. According to WCAU-TV, no passengers were injured in the incident. However, per National Safety Council data referenced in the WCAU-TV report, around 1,500 people were injured on theme park rides in the US in 2015.

What Should Victims and Their Families Do Following an Amusement Park Accident?

Victims of theme park accidents and their families may be able to pursue a legal claim against the amusement park if their injuries were the result of negligence on the part of the park’s owners or operators. Examples of actions that can lead to an amusement park being held liable for an accident or injury include:

  • Improperly maintaining or inspecting rides
  • Failing to perform safety inspections on rides
  • Not properly training ride operators
  • Failing to post signs that fully warn patrons of the risks associated with the rid
  • Failing to provide passengers with proper instructions prior to them riding the attraction

If the amusement park accident happened because the attraction was defective, injury victims and their families may be able to file a product liability claim against the ride’s manufacturer instead of or in addition to their claim against the park.

For more information about how personal injury lawsuits in New Jersey work and options injury victims and their families have for fighting back, continue to follow our Atlantic City and Cape May law firm’s blog.

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