Atlantic City Taking Steps for Safer Casinos

Posted on September 24, 2013 at 9:54am by

Our Atlantic City Accident Attorney Discusses Injuries at Casinos

As the summer comes to a close, tens of thousands of people will continue to flock to Atlantic City to see what the local casinos, resorts and boardwalks have to offer. In light of this, governmental departments and businesses across the city are taking steps to reduce the likelihood of citizens and visitors suffering from casino injuries or other harm while enjoying America’s Favorite Playground.

Addressing Casino Hazards

The Press of Atlantic City reported about the ongoing efforts to improve safety measures for the newly created Tourist District. Some of the most common hazards to casino and Tourist District patrons include faulty security, over-serving alcohol, dangerous elevators and unsafe property conditions. According to the news source, different projects are underway to address each of these situations.

For the claims of faulty security, many agencies and companies are installing video surveillance systems in public areas with hope that this will deter any potential assailants from their actions. Tanger Outlets, New Jersey Transit, the AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center and several different casinos have all invested in video systems to provide greater security and safety to their patrons.

These businesses are currently using this video data to focus on areas where they understand violent crime may occur. However, many expect that the footage will also lead to a greater understanding of how unsafe property conditions can cause accidents. With the knowledge that any accident caused by negligence is now subject to video recording, casinos and resorts across the city will be under greater pressure to make sure that their property is safe for their guests.

The report also discussed the ongoing efforts to fix numerous infrastructure issues within the district. Similar to the “Broken Windows” concept, a theory centering on stopping vandalism that leads to serious crime by maintaining and monitoring urban locations, business owners and resorts are paying more attention to facility repairs and keeping their buildings up-to-code.

If You Were Hurt, Consult with Experienced Legal Counsel

Agencies and businesses across the city are beginning to see the value of proactively preventing casino injuries by providing both a safer and more prosperous Atlantic City. Our Atlantic City injury lawyers have over 40 years of experience fighting for justice and compensation of behalf of those injured due to someone else’s negligence. You may be entitled to obtain compensation if you sustained injuries at a casino, whether you were visiting or you are a resident of Atlantic City. Contact Donald G. Targan & Associates to learn more about your legal rights during a confidential review of your experience at an Atlantic City casino, hotel or another business.