Does Your Car Have this Dangerous Takata Airbag?

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Photo of surgeryIf you haven’t heard of the Takata airbag scandal yet, understand that this is a massive case of product liability that has endangered thousands of drivers and passengers. 14 different car companies have already reported dangerous issues in their vehicles because of these defective airbags.

The issue occurred because Takata attempted to use non-desiccated ammonium nitrate to reduce its costs. This new material, however, fails when it is exposed to humidity over time. This can cause the airbags to fire metal into the car rather than inflate properly. The issue has already taken 15 lives, and it is far from resolved.

Which Cars Have Defective Takata Airbags?

The issues began with Honda, but they have since spread numerous other car companies that use Takata airbags, including Mazda, Chrysler, Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi, GM, Audi, BMW Mercedes, Volkswagen and others. The United States government has determined that as many as 100 million airbags will need to be replaced because of dangers they pose to drivers.

Not every model with an issue has been officially announced. Takata says that it will work with all the different companies involved to recall cars in order of their danger to customers. This may sound like a drastic solution, but the most recent testing on the airbags from the Federal Government seems to suggest that if anything these measures are not enough.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tested roughly 250,000 Takata airbags and found that 660 had dangerous defects. The means that there are likely thousands of dangerous airbags still out there.

There Law Can Provide Justice for Product Injury

Companies are obligated to sell us products that will not put us and our loved ones into danger. If you have been injured by poor manufacturing, you should seek the counsel of an attorney. A professional can help you stand up against bad business practices and get the money you need to stay afloat.

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