Casinos Continue to Risk Over-Serving Alcohol

Posted on November 20, 2013 at 3:46pm by

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A recent article in the Press of Atlantic City discussed a petition submitted to the Department of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) by a coalition of casino workers. The aim of the petition is to reduce the safety hazards posed by intoxicated customers.

Current System Allows Over-Serving of Alcohol by Casinos

Patrons can seriously threaten a casino’s safety when they become intoxicated and the casino allows them to keep consuming alcohol. In light of this, the casino employees behind the petition are seeking to change how casino patrons can order drinks.

The current system allows patrons to punch in the order on a touch screen. Barkeeps mix the drinks, and servers then deliver them to patrons. While this may reduce the need for the number of servers that a casino must hire, the petition alleges that this system does not allow a server to assess whether the patron has become intoxicated. One worker noted that, “anybody can pull it together and give [a server] a dollar” for the drink. Another server complained that the workload left her unable to stop and assess a patron’s overall level of intoxication, which can lead to the casino over-serving alcohol.

Some workers complain that they have already suffered injuries and harassment resulting from the current system used to order drinks. One server alleged that an intoxicated patron assaulted her while contesting the total amount of the bar tab.

At the time of the report, none of the city’s larger casinos had issued a response to the petition. It is currently undergoing review by the Department of Gaming Enforcement. The DGE did not give an estimate on when it will make its ruling on the petition.

Casino Injuries Hurt Workers and Tourists

Intoxicated people can cause serious injuries to casino guests and employees alike. It is the responsibility of the casino to provide adequate measures to prevent over-serving alcohol, including training the staff and having on-site security. If the company fails to provide a safe environment for their patrons and employees, victims may find themselves facing thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost job wages as well as in an immense amount of physical pain and emotional suffering. In these situations, the law may hold both the offending patron and the casino that served them alcohol responsible for the effects of their negligent and careless actions.

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