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Our Atlantic city personal injury attorneys assist victims of car accidents.

What You Need to Know About New Jersey Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Car accidents often leave victims with damaged vehicles, injuries and legal worries. The only thing that can make a car accident worse is an uninsured driver. Fortunately, New Jersey uninsured motorist coverage can help you in the following scenarios: A car accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver A car accident caused by the driver of a stolen car A car accident caused by a hit-and-run driver A car accident caused by a driver with no bodily injury liability coverage Any of these situations makes filing a claim with your insurance company complicated. If you have been in a car accident, contact an Atlantic City lawyer to discuss your options. Requirements for Car Insurance in New Jersey Like all states, New Jersey requires that drivers purchase some form of car insurance policy. At a minimum, drivers must carry the “Basic Policy.” Basic Policy This policy provides drivers with Personal…
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Why Do Cars Leave the Roadway?

Have you ever read reports in the news about cars leaving the roadway or traveling into oncoming traffic? Have you ever wondered why this occurs? You are not alone. Recently, Forbes reported that wrong way driving accidents are on the rise in our country. To figure out why, the publication turned to the AAA Foundation (AAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Both organizations stepped up to try to answer the question of why wrong way driving accidents happen. Here is some of what they found. What Causes Wrong Way Accidents? In the past, there has been very little evidence to help us determine what causes vehicles to leave the road and slam into other vehicles. However, with this type of accident increasing, experts are trying to learn more. The AAA foundations new study points to three major factors to wrong way accidents: Driving alone Older age Alcohol-impairment How…
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If I Am a Passenger in a Car Accident, Can I Recover Compensation?

There are thousands of injury-related car accidents in New Jersey every year. In 2019, there were 59,850 according to the New Jersey Department of Transportation. Many of the people hurt in these accidents were passengers who were just along for the ride. They did not contribute to the crash but may have suffered severe injuries and damages due to the accident. If the passenger in a car accident does not take the right steps, it may prove difficult to recover compensation for these losses. In this situation, the Atlantic City car accident attorney at Donald G. Targan & Associates has helped the injured across New Jersey. Since 1969, our firm has fought for those injured by the negligence of others. Passengers who sustained an injury in an auto accident have options to help recover fair compensation for their injuries. What Should a Passenger in a Car Accident Do? This type of…
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