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The personal injury attorneys at our Atlantic City and Cape May, New Jersey law firm have experience helping injury victims and their families following explosions and other similar accidents.

Is It Safe to Use Sparklers and Fireworks in New Jersey?

According to the Courier-Post, the Garden State’s Senate recently approved a bill that would allow the use of non-exploding fireworks in New Jersey. Reportedly, under the proposed law, it would no longer be illegal to sell or possess non-exploding fireworks or sparklers in New Jersey. Non-exploding fireworks, or “novelties” as they are referred to in the bill, include smoke devices, snakes, party poppers, glow worms, drop pops and snappers. The bill does not allow the sale of sparklers or “novelties” to anyone under 16 years old. The bill is not law yet. First, the Assembly must pass the bill, and after that, Governor Chris Christie must sign it into law. However, if both those things happen soon enough, then the new law could go into effect in time for July 4th. Is It Safe to Use Sparklers and Non-Exploding Fireworks? Even if “novelties” and sparklers do not explode, there is…
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Is It Safe to Buy Kerosene at Gas Stations in Cape May County?

Understandably, when people buy kerosene at gas stations, they expect to be sold kerosene. However, after an incident at a gas station in Cape May County involving a kerosene purchase, people may want to double check their kerosene purchases from now on. According to the Ocean City Patch, Middle Township Police are searching for anyone who purchase kerosene at Riggins Gas Station on Route 9 South (also known as Main Street) in Cape May Court House, New Jersey between April 24 and May 10. Reportedly, a shipment of gasoline delivered on April 24 was mistakenly placed into the gas station’s kerosene tank. Per the Ocean City Patch report, 85 gallons of the mixture of gas and kerosene was sold before the mistake was discovered. If used, the dangerous combination poses an extreme fire and explosion risk. Options for Victims of Explosions and Their Families An explosion can result in massive…
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Does Your Car Have this Dangerous Takata Airbag?

If you haven’t heard of the Takata airbag scandal yet, understand that this is a massive case of product liability that has endangered thousands of drivers and passengers. 14 different car companies have already reported dangerous issues in their vehicles because of these defective airbags. The issue occurred because Takata attempted to use non-desiccated ammonium nitrate to reduce its costs. This new material, however, fails when it is exposed to humidity over time. This can cause the airbags to fire metal into the car rather than inflate properly. The issue has already taken 15 lives, and it is far from resolved. Which Cars Have Defective Takata Airbags? The issues began with Honda, but they have since spread numerous other car companies that use Takata airbags, including Mazda, Chrysler, Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi, GM, Audi, BMW Mercedes, Volkswagen and others. The United States government has determined that as many as 100 million…
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