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New Jersey’s Bail Reform Law Making It Easier for Municipal Court’s to Free Defendants?

Earlier this year, lawmakers in Morris County, New Jersey implemented a bail reform law that could have a huge impact on the ability of Municipal Court judges to hold defendants pending trials. The bail reform law comes with a hefty price tag. Per the Mount Olive Chronicle, Morris County has budgeted $750,000 to implement the changes to bail reform. How Have New Jersey’s Municipal Court Bail Laws Changed? Morris County’s bail reform law is known as the Criminal Justice Reform Act. Under the new law, bail provisions are eliminated and judges have less room for discretion when it comes to making decisions regarding holding defendants or setting them free pending their trial. Prior to the Criminal Justice Reform Act, judges set bail for anyone facing indictable charges. This meant that even if defendants were not likely to flee and did not pose a risk to others, if they could not…
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