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Should I Call an Atlantic City Slip and Fall Lawyer?

Slipping and sustaining an injury can happen at work, at school, on the sidewalk or in a hotel. Slip and fall injuries can range from minor to extremely serious. These serious injuries can lead to life-long debilitating problems to your head, back or neck. In New Jersey, slip and fall accidents are one of the most common reasons for personal injury lawsuits. According to the National Safety Council, 34,673 people died from slip and fall accidents at home and work in 2016. Workplace hazards were one of the main causes of fatal slip and fall accidents during that year, with a majority of the deaths occurring in the construction and manufacturing industries. An employee doesn’t have to fall from a tall height to suffer a fatal injury. In fact, the National Safety Council found that same-level falls killed 134 workers in 2016. Since slip and fall injuries are more common…
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Could My Social Media Accounts Affect My Personal Injury Case?

Most people have made mistakes on social media at some point or another. Perhaps they posted an embarrassing photo or unintentionally shared something private. These mistakes sometimes cost you friends or may hurt your professional reputation. However, if you are involved in a personal injury case, these social media mistakes could cost you much more. How Do Social Media Mistakes Affect My Personal Injury Lawsuit? What you share or what others share about you could affect your ability to recover compensation for a personal injury. Attorneys working for the defense and insurance adjusters have every reason to discredit your injury claim. They may try to use your social media posts in an attempt to hurt the validity of your case. If you want to avoid making social media mistakes that could hurt your case, then you should consider utilizing the following tips. Consider leaving social media: You should consider dropping…
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Can I File a Lawsuit for a Slip and Fall Accident in New Jersey?

Slip and fall accidents can leave survivors with catastrophic injuries. Brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and broken bones can seriously impact a person’s quality of life. Catastrophic injuries also keep accident survivors from being able to work, often permanently. In the worst-case scenario, a slip and fall accident victim can lose his or her life.  If you or a loved one suffered serious harm in a slip and fall accident, then you should know that it may be possible to seek compensation for your damages. New Jersey allows victims of negligence to file lawsuits to recover compensation. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit. Premises Liability in New Jersey Slip and fall claims fall under New Jersey premises liability law. This is where you file a lawsuit against a business or property owner for failing to remove or issue warnings about hazards. Businesses,…
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