Do Children with Cerebral Palsy Need Support?

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What type of support do children with cerebral palsy need?

Cerebral palsy may refer to a group of neurological disorders caused by a brain malformation or injury while the brain is still developing. Birth injuries can cause cerebral palsy. Illnesses during pregnancy may also lead to the disorder. Your child could require varying levels and types of support if they have cerebral palsy. Types of support may include:

  1. An individualized education program (IEP): If your child is enrolled in a public school, they may require an IEP, also called an individualized education program. This is where you work with school administrators, special education workers and other parties to develop a plan that helps your child meet his or her educational goals.
  2. Assistive technologies: Your child could require certain types of assistive technologies. These could help your child communicate, dress themselves, move around, type, write or hear.
  3. Caregivers: Some cases of cerebral palsy are severe. Your child could need around-the-clock care if they are unable to move or perform daily tasks. Health care workers can help assist children with these tasks at home.
  4. Home modifications: Home modifications are essential if your child is mobility impaired. These could include ramps, grab bars, hardwood floors and devices to traverse stairs.
  5. Social support: Your child may need career support or other types of social services as they get older.

The types of support your child needs would depend on the severity of his or her condition and other factors. Only licensed medical, educational and social services specialists could determine which types of support your child would need. Unfortunately, these services are not always free. While an IEP is free and required by law at public schools, other types of support may be prohibitively expensive. Cochlear implants used to assist with hearing may cost tens of thousands of dollars.

What if My Child Developed Cerebral Palsy from a Birth Injury?

If you suspect your child’s cerebral palsy was caused by medical malpractice, then you should call an attorney right away. It could be possible to file a claim for damages against the doctor, hospital or other parties. Damages could help pay for the expenses associated with your child’s disability.

A medical mistake must meet specific criteria to be considered malpractice. The Atlantic City birth injury lawyers at Donald G. Targan & Associates could help determine your eligibility for filing a claim.

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