Fifty People Rescued in Atlantic City Casino After Being Trapped in Faulty Elevators

Posted on August 22, 2013 at 9:39am by

An Atlantic City Accident Lawyer Explains Liability

In May, the Press of Atlantic City reported that 50 people were trapped in two different elevators at the Revel Casino-Hotel. A malfunction in the machinery of the lifts prevented the elevators from operating, and it took two hours before everyone was safely extracted from the elevators. No one has filed casino negligence lawsuits against the Revel yet; however, people affected by this incident may soon be contacting an Atlantic City accident attorney.

What Happened to the Revel Elevators?

The incident occurred around 1:30 am on Sunday, May 26. The Atlantic City Fire Department arrived soon after it received news of the stopped elevators and extracted the elevator’s passengers via a 35-foot ladder that was lowered down the shaft.

At the time of the Press’ report, no serious physical injuries occurred. However, one firefighter at the scene noted that individuals inside the elevators “were probably a nervous wreck.”

Emotional injuries can be just as damaging as physical wounds. The psychological trauma from being trapped in the elevator may continue to haunt the victims for several months or years, and they may find themselves unable to easily deal with the memories of what was surely a frightening situation. This anxiety can inhibit their ability to go about their lives, as well as making it difficult to emotionally connect with family members and friends. Severe emotional disturbances can also take a tremendous toll on a person’s physical body.

Who is Responsible for Elevator Injuries and Accidents?

Multiple parties may be held responsible for any physical or emotional injuries that resulted from this incident. The casino could be held liable on account of faulty elevators, in addition to failure to provide a safe premises for their customers. If an investigation reveals that a design flaw in the elevators caused them to stop, then the elevator company could face legal action due to their defective products.

Legal action cannot undo the effects of an elevator accident, whether the incident caused physical injury, emotional turmoil or a wrongful death. However, injury lawsuits can secure compensation that victims need to pay for medical treatments, therapy and making up for lost wages.

We Hold Casinos Responsible

You have rights if you suffered physical or emotional trauma at a casino, hotel, resort or other public facility. If you were hurt by a casino’s negligence, our Atlantic City injury attorneys are prepared to hold them responsible. For a confidential, no-cost consultation about your case, contact our office today.