Keeping Safe on New Jersey’s Boardwalk Rides

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Our Atlantic City Injury Lawyer Wants to Help Prevent Injuries

New Jersey’s boardwalks are excellent tourist destinations and offer great places for local friends as well as families to get out and enjoy our beautiful beaches. Just like any other enjoyable destination, though, the boardwalk can become dangerous when individuals do not follow the appropriate safety regulations and guidelines. In many situations, ride operators and other boardwalk staff make mistakes that can cause serious injuries to visitors.

Recently, a ride operator working at an Ocean City boardwalk was fired after committing an operator error that caused a four-year-old girl to suffer injuries on a ride. Although many accidents like this one can be the fault of another person’s negligence, boardwalk visitors may be able to take certain measures to minimize their risk of suffering injuries.

How Can I Be Safe on the Boardwalk?

The following tips can allow you to do your part to limit your risk for injury when visiting boardwalks in New Jersey:

  • Observe a ride before getting on it. Even though mechanical failures are rare, if you do not trust a ride or it looks unsafe, do not ride it.
  • Be aware of all age, height, weight and health restrictions in addition to obeying all safety rules. Theme parks often include this information to avoid liability if an accident occurs, and if you do not feel you meet the criteria for the ride, avoid it.
  • Use all the safety gear in the ride. Do not loosen any safety devices. If the ride requires you to wear a harness, safety belt or other piece of equipment that will not fasten or otherwise does not function, let a ride operator know immediately.
  • Keep your hands, arms, legs and feet inside the ride at all times. Remain seated until the ride stops and the operator allows you to exit.
  • If you bring children with you on a ride, make sure they have an understanding of the proper safety etiquette.
  • Never force others to ride attractions if they do not want to get on.
  • Report any negligent or unsafe behaviors to a supervisor or employee as soon as possible.

Find an Injury Lawyer in New Jersey

Everyone tries to do what he or she can to keep from enduring serious injuries by entrusting boardwalk employees to perform their jobs responsibly. When others act irresponsibly and cause you or a loved one pain and suffering, you may be entitled to hold them accountable for their carelessness in a court of law. When this type of injury occurs, the Atlantic City injury attorneys at Donald G. Targan & Associates can offer you effective legal support. Speak with our Atlantic City injury lawyers by calling (609) 348-1106. We offer free attorney advice for injury victims.

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