How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Car Accident?

Posted on October 22, 2014 at 10:44am by

An Atlantic City Injury Attorney Describes the Healing Process

Depending on how severe the accident is, the recovery time for car accident injuries can vary wildly. What seem to be minor injuries can linger for years, and the emotional damage may never fully heal. As one recent story indicates, recovering from a car accident can be a lengthy journey.

Tracy Morgan’s Road to Recovery

On June 7, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was involved in a massive car accident in New Jersey. He was in a limo, and five other vehicles sustained damage in the crash. The accident occurred when a Wal-Mart truck slammed into the back of their limo, according to traffic authorities. Morgan sustained broken nose, leg and several ribs. One passenger died in the accident, and three others were injured. Several victims and family members of the deceased man sued Wal-Mart for their injuries and losses.

While some reports indicate that Morgan is conscious and telling jokes, it seems like his physical recovery is still in progress. After the crash, he spent two weeks in the hospital and a month at a physical rehabilitation facility. He then sought outpatient care, and since September, he has been using a wheelchair. His attorney said that due to a brain injury sustained in the accident, he may never be able to perform again. He is currently involved in therapy for speech, vocational, cognitive and physical improvement.

The Unseen Effects of Car Accidents

X-rays do not always reveal the effects of car accidents. Many victims of less serious wrecks could sustain concussions. Minor concussions might not seem like a serious injury, but they can worsen any subsequent injuries later on. Concussions are technically brain injuries, and they put the brain in a fragile state, making it susceptible to increased harm in the future. Brain injuries also upset the balance of emotions in the victim’s head, making him or her prone to depression, anxiety, anger, suicidal thoughts and drastic shifts in mood. According to the Rehabilitation Counseling Unit of the University of Sydney, 30 percent of car accident survivors have to deal with a “negative psychological response.” Victims can also suffer from memory loss and decreased cognitive capacity.

Additionally, car accidents may cause paralysis, quadriplegia or loss of limb, injuries that can never be fully reversed. Even with surgery and prosthetics, the victim may not be able to think, speak or move as well as he used to, which can cause depression and frustration.

What to Do About Car Accident Injuries

While you cannot undo the damage caused by a serious car or truck accident, you can receive some compensation for the all the pain and damage you sustained. This includes monetary costs (surgery, prescriptions, home modifications, unpaid wages from missing work or switching jobs) and less quantifiable losses (loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, disfigurement). Talk to an attorney who handles car accidents to learn more about how you can begin to move forward after a car accident.