What You Need to Know About the Three Types of Defective Product Liability Claims

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While there are a wide variety of defective product liability claims they usually can be put into three categories. Knowing about these categories can help you determine if you have a claim.

Manufacturing Defect

The first and most commonly considered claims are from defective manufacturing. This is when there was a mistake while the product was being built. This can be as simple as a car at a factory installed with a faulty airbag. That car could be sold to someone who is seriously injured in a car accident because of the defective airbags. That person would not have the injuries if the car had an airbag that worked correctly.

Design Defect

The second category is when the design of a product is defective. In this situation, every product has been built properly according to the directions. At first, this may look like a great collection, but sometimes the plans to build the product have a flaw. This can cause an entire product line to be dangerous before it was ever manufactured. From this we could see an entire line of cars with faulty airbags.

Marketing Defect

The third type of claim involves defective marketing. The product might have an acceptable design and be built without mistakes. However, even if the product itself is not defective, it can cause harm. This can happen if the customer is not properly informed on how to use the product. Failure-to-warn claims, for example, are when specific instructions for a product are needed to keep consumers safe but are not communicated.

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