Were You Involved in a Car Accident in New Jersey?

Atlantic City Car Accident Lawyers Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Being in a car accident can be a terrifying experience in and of itself, but understanding what to do after a car accident can be equally exhausting. After a crash, you may have been injured and your property damaged. This has probably left you wondering where to turn next and what options you have for being compensated for your losses. Whether your accident was caused by a distracted driver, which accounts for about 10 to 15 percent of accidents, or speeding, which accounted for over a quarter of traffic fatalities in 2016, seeking a knowledgeable attorney can provide clarity and relief in this stressful situation.

Many drivers involved in accidents depend on their own insurance to cover the costs of their damages, simply because they are not aware of the compensation they may be rightfully owed by the at-fault driver. Our Atlantic City car accident lawyers have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you determine the necessary steps to take after your car accident. With years of experience of investigating and litigating wrongful death and serious bodily injury cases due to car wrecks in Cape May and Atlantic City, the partners at Donald G. Targan & Associates are well-equipped to provide you with car accident legal advice. Their dedication to providing justice has resulted in millions of dollars recovered for victims and their families.

Car Accident FAQs

  1. Am I required to report a car accident in New Jersey?
  2. How long do you have to see a doctor after being in an auto accident?
  3. When should I contact my insurance company?
  4. How long do you have to sue someone after being involved in an accident?
  5. Should I admit fault for the accident?

Am I required to report a car accident in New Jersey?

Immediately following an accident, you may be unsure if reporting your accident is necessary. In the state of New Jersey, it is required by law that you report a car accident to the police if there is property damage exceeding $500, serious bodily injury or death. It is also important to obtain a copy of the police report for your own records. The information contained within the report will be beneficial when filing your insurance claim, assisting the adjuster in determining fault and could bolster your claim in the event that you seek compensation for your losses in court.

How long do you have to see a doctor after being in an auto accident?

After a car accident, the pain could show up immediately or gradually over the following days. It is usually a good idea to seek medical attention immediately following a crash to confirm that you have not suffered a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury. However, most insurance providers regard the 72 hours following a crash as a reasonable amount of time to seek medical help. Waiting to see a doctor outside of this 72-hour window could cause your insurance company to deny your injury claim and the compensation necessary to cover your medical care. If you have experienced injury in a wreck, contact our Atlantic City car accident lawyers to help determine possible compensation options.

When should I contact my insurance company?

Insurance companies usually require that you contact them within a reasonable amount of time following an accident, which typically falls within the 72-hour window. Even if you do not believe you are at fault, it is important to notify your insurance of the accident in order to remain eligible for various types of coverages they may offer. Some of these coverages include:

  • Collision coverage for the cost of repairs to your vehicle
  • Towing your vehicle after the crash if it is inoperable
  • Personal injury protection to cover your medical bills
  • Defense in the event that the other driver claims you are at fault

However, refrain from saying anything that can be construed as fault. Stick to the facts when presenting the details of the situation to your insurance company. If possible, speak to qualified Atlantic city car accident lawyers beforehand.

How long do you have to sue someone after being involved in an accident?

In New Jersey, the statute of limitations following a car accident state that you have two years to file a claim for any personal injury that you sustained in a wreck. For property damage that occurred as a direct result of an auto accident, there is a six-year statute of limitations to seek compensation.

If you have suffered an injury resulting from a crash and feel that you are not being fairly compensated, you should contact a New Jersey personal injury attorney. They will be able to provide you with basic car accident legal advice, in addition to determining what compensation you may be entitled to based on:

  • Damage to property
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages and earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

Should I admit fault for the accident?

You should never admit fault for a car accident, regardless of whether you believe you may have caused the accident or not. There are several factors that come into play when determining who is at fault after a collision, some of which include:

  • Point of impact
  • Location of damage to the vehicle
  • Speed and sudden acceleration
  • The use of lights, cruise control and turn signals
  • The angle of steering wheels
  • Breaking
  • Visual impairments
  • Weather conditions

Due to the difficulty and number of factors involved in determining who caused an accident, it is best to not admit fault. Please note that apologizing after an accident in an attempt to diffuse the situation can be construed as fault by insurance companies. Insurance adjusters and your Atlantic City car accident lawyers will use their specific knowledge and expertise to come to the conclusion of who was at fault in the accident.

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