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Cape May and Atlantic City motorcycle accident attorney upholding rider rights after a collision with a car, truck or other crash causesA motorcycle accident can be devastating in so many ways. Not only do bikers usually get hurt in wrecks, these injuries are often very severe and life altering. Many motorcycle accident victims will require long-term medical care in addition to having to pay the high costs of injury rehabilitation. Both a traumatic brain injury and spinal injury can cost millions of dollars over the course of a lifetime to treat. Serious motorcycle crashes may even rob bikers of their ability to continue working or provide income for themselves and their families.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys believe every rider deserves fair treatment under the law, but negative opinions about bikers and even police reports can sometimes skew the truth of what really happened—blaming the crash unfairly on the rider. Bikers hurt in collisions that were not their fault have the right to seek money recovery for doctor visits, hospital stays, future medical care and other injury expenses. When someone else is responsible for a motorcycle accident, you can hold that someone financially responsible. Motorcyclists facing this situation can benefit from learning how a personal injury lawyer will uphold their legal rights.

Hurt on a Motorcycle? Lawyers in South Jersey Protecting Biker Rights

The latest National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that motorcycle accidents injure 88,000 motorcyclists and kill another 4,500 bikers each year. When a driver hits a motorcyclist, there are no built-in bike safety features on a Harley-Davidson, BMW, Kawasaki or other brand of motorcycle to protect against injuries, like airbags or seat belts protect motorists. This goes for moped and scooter riders as well. Common injuries for riders involved in crashes with cars or trucks include road rash, ruptured discs, paralysis, head trauma and wrongful death.

Rather than helping, an insurance company defending the motorist at fault and even your own insurance carrier can slow the recovery process by withholding or reducing a fair payment for your damages. Potential recoveries in a motorcycle accident lawsuit may cover compensatory damages like injury compensation, bike repair or replacement.

Having an Atlantic City motorcycle accident lawyer fighting by your side can ensure you and your family have the best chance of gaining compensation after a motorcycle crash. Send a clear message to the insurance company that you mean business by gaining representation from Certified Civil Trial Attorneys in New Jersey who are ready to take your claim to court if that is what it takes to gain a fair recovery. Many times, making the other party aware that your attorneys are ready and prepared to take your case to trial is all that is needed to gain the motorcycle injury settlement you deserve.

Accident Lawyers for Motorcycle Injury Lawsuits

The Atlantic City personal injury attorneys at Donald G. Targan & Associates have fought for hundreds of injured clients and for the families of fatal accident victims over their combined 60 years of legal experience. With our success in representing clients with catastrophic personal injuries, we have been named among the Best Law Firms in New Jersey for our legal abilities and high ethical standards. It costs nothing to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney about your rights. Get answers to your legal questions when you call (609) 348-1106.