Hurt in a Semi Accident?

Truck Accident Attorney in Atlantic City on Filing Personal Injury Lawsuits

Truck accident attorney handling semi, 18 wheeler, tractor trailer and commercial trucking crashes in South JerseyCommercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when loaded with cargo. Even traveling at the posted speed limit, it is no surprise that when a tractor trailer hits a smaller vehicle, the injuries a trucking accident causes are devastating.

Our Atlantic City personal injury law firm has a history of success handling truck accident lawsuits. One significant truck injury settlement we gained after a tractor trailer driven by a drunk truck driver in Camden County hit our client, leaving him with herniated spinal discs. South Jersey truck accident attorneys Donald G. Targan and have more than 60 years of combined experience representing those seriously harmed in auto and truck accidents around Atlantic City. We will do all the hard work necessary for your truck accident claim because not only do our lawyers invest in your case, they invest in you, your family and doing whatever they can to give you the best chance of gaining a financial recovery.

How Can Atlantic City Truck Accident Lawyers Help After a Crash?

For an accident claim involving an 18 wheeler, you need an attorney working as soon as possible to uphold your rights – even sooner than in a car accident case. Evidence in a truck accident case can go missing or be destroyed, evidence that may be crucial to the success of your claim. When you hire a truck accident attorney, the first thing your lawyer will do is contact the trucking company and demand that they maintain all the evidence. This way, the company has legal notice that it must preserve evidence and can be punished if this evidence goes missing. If a lawyer does not do this, there will be missing evidence with no recourse.

If you talk to the truck company representative or truck insurance agent, they will try to get you to admit fault. Do not talk to them. They are actively against your best interests. Has an insurance adjustor contacted you after a truck accident? Before speaking with or signing any documents, learn your rights for free by talking to one of our truck accident lawyers during a case review.

What to Know About Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit

Seeking damages in truck injury lawsuits is very different from other accident injury claims. This is because these cases often involve determining if there are compliance issues with state or federal trucking laws, violations of safety regulations, determining which of the potentially at-fault parties is responsible for the crash and collecting or preserving the best evidence to prove your truck accident claim.

Examples of factors your attorney must investigate includes if the trucking company failed to maintain its trucks, the truck driver was driving while fatigued or the shipping company improperly loaded or overloaded cargo. All of these issues can be responsible for tractor trailer accidents in Atlantic City.

Each step in a trucking accident case can be both time-consuming and costly to prove, but our South Jersey accident lawyers know there is no such thing as a quick or easy settlement. Using their knowledge as Certified Civil Trials Attorneys, a certification only two percent of all New Jersey lawyers hold, our team has the courtroom experience and legal resources to hold the truck company or other party at fault for the accident accountable. We want to help make Atlantic City roads safer and motivate industry-wide changes by hitting them where it really hurts: their pocketbooks.

Types of Injuries in New Jersey Trucking Accidents

Truck accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and may even lead to the wrongful deaths of occupants in smaller cars, motorcycle riders, bicyclists and pedestrians. Those who survive truck accidents will likely face the need for short or long-term medical care. Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are common in collisions with commercial trucks. These injuries require extensive injury rehabilitation, cause very high medical bills and may even limit that person’s ability to work temporarily or ever again.

How to Contact an Accident Lawyer in NJ

Named one of the Best Law Firms by US News and World Report, Donald G. Targan & Associates has received the highest rating possible for its legal ability and ethical standards for the past 25 years. Gaining a fair recovery from the driver, trucking company or other responsible party after a collision with an 18 wheeler is what victims and their families legally deserve and what our attorneys fight for. Call or submit a free case evaluation form online to schedule your no obligation attorney consultation today.