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Atlantic City casino injury lawyer for personal injury lawsuits against negligent casino operators responsible for guest damagesThe Atlantic City personal injury law firm of Donald G. Targan & Associates is located within walking distance of all the major casinos in town. Since the inception of casino gambling in Atlantic City, we have handled claims relating to casino negligence ranging from over-serving alcohol to patrons, improper casino security, wrongful termination of casino employees to injuries caused by unsafe casino premises.

When our firm takes a casino negligence case, we immediately investigate the claim and work to obtain any available surveillance tapes and incident reports as soon as possible. We know our quick acting in casino negligence cases is crucial because we have also successfully prosecuted claims against casinos for the intentional destruction of these types of evidence. These are actions other firms may not know to take because of their inexperience handling casino injury cases.

Casino patrons from all parts of New Jersey and other states contact Atlantic City accident attorneys Donald G. Targan and  to represent them in matters involving our New Jersey casinos. Our experienced representation has led to significant settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients. Let our specific knowledge of casino injury cases work for your benefit. Call us today to learn if the casino owner may be responsible for your damages during a free claim review.

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We received a $1 million injury settlement against an Atlantic City casino that over-served alcohol to a patron. Upon leaving the casino, the highly intoxicated patron drove her vehicle the wrong way up the Brigantine Bridge and collided head-on with our client, who was on his way to work. Our client suffered a very severe leg fracture and traumatic brain injury. He was unable to work for over a year. In this case, the casino intentionally destroyed the surveillance tape that would have documented the service of alcohol to the patron.

In another case, we obtained a $500,000 jury verdict against a casino for the wrongful termination of our client after years of loyal service as an employee. The former casino employee was discharged because he reported wrongdoing by the casino.

We have also obtained a substantial settlement for a client who was assaulted by an intoxicated casino patron. The patron stalked our client, who sought the assistance of casino staff, supervisors and casino security for a significant period of time earlier in the evening. Nevertheless, the casino continued to serve alcohol to the aggressive, intoxicated patron, who ultimately attacked our client, causing him a significant personal injury that required surgery.

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If you are a local resident of Erma, the Villas or the surrounding areas, or if you are a tourist or a casino employee, and the negligence of a casino in or around Atlantic City has caused you injury, contact an attorney with experience handling these claims. We are proud to represent residents of Middle Township and Lower Township, as well as clients nationwide who have been injured in a casino while on vacation and business trips to Atlantic City or southern NJ.

Since the start of casinos and gambling in Atlantic City, our firm has thoroughly investigated and represented individuals harmed by the negligence of casinos. Contact a casino injury lawyer at the Atlantic City personal injury law firm Donald G. Targan & Associates for a free consultation to find out if you may have cause for legal action against a casino responsible for your injuries.