Negligent Casino Security Cause Your Personal Injury?

Our Atlantic City Casino Accident Attorney Will Fight for Your Right to Compensation

Leading Atlantic City casino injury lawyers for negligent casino security accidentsAs long as casinos continue inviting people to come inside in hopes of gaining their business, they are responsible for making sure their premises and environments are safe. Unfortunately, some businesses do not always do their due diligence to protect their guests. Many casino patron can suffer catastrophic personal injury or even a wrongful death due to negligent casino security.

The personal injury attorneys at Donald G. Targan & Associates have been fighting for the rights of casino injury victims since the first casino came to New Jersey. In one recent personal injury lawsuit involving casino negligence, our team was able to secure a $1 million dollar settlement for our client. An Atlantic City casino accident attorney at our firm will help you explore your legal rights and best options during a free, no obligation claim review if you or a loved one is suffering due to the negligence of a casino.

Proper Casino Security is Necessary to Prevent Personal Injury to Guests

If a particular crime or incident has occurred multiple times on a business’s property, the business has an obligation to provide security measures to deter the crime from happening again. For example, if a casino bar has been known to be a constant setting for fights, the bar has to provide security officers to prevent future fights. If no security is provided or inadequate and a guest suffers personal injury, then the casino bar will be liable for the damages.

If you suffered an injury on a casino’s property, it is essential that you contact an experienced Atlantic City casino injury lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case. There is a strict statute of limitations that restricts the time during which you are legally eligible to pursue compensation for your pain, suffering and injuries. This compensation can help you pay for medical expenses, damages and the wages you may have lost due to your injuries.

How Can I Tell If Casino Security is Inadequate?

Every place of business should have adequate security measures in place to keep guests safe. Common signs of poor casino security include:

  • Lack of security cameras
  • Poor lighting
  • Lack of security guards
  • Low presence or public availability of employees
  • Business location in an area known for high crime
  • Bars that seem to serve customers regardless of their level of intoxication
  • Apathetic or indifferent-seeming employees

Your accident attorney can work with you to examine the circumstances of your injury and how best to take action against the responsible casino.

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If you suffered a preventable injury due to the negligence of a casino, now is the time to take the first step towards gaining the compensation you need to recover for your pain and suffering. Our New Jersey law firm in Atlantic City and Cape May has helped casino customers and workers from Sea Isle City, Avalon, Stone Harbor as well as many other nearby communities get the justice they deserve for their personal injury lawsuits.

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