Can I Sue a Casino for Overserving Alcohol?

Atlantic City Casino Injury Lawyer Fights for Fair Injury Compensation

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A night out on the town in Atlantic City can be a thrilling experience, but what happens if you receive a serious personal injury because of an intoxicated person’s poor decisions? Our years of experience fighting casino negligence has proven that casinos will often continue to serve alcohol to someone clearly intoxicated just to get that much more profit out of their bar. This is a dangerous and negligent business practice, and casinos found responsible for overserving alcohol should pay for their careless actions – especially when their carelessness results in injury to you or someone you love.

Each casino injury lawyer at Donald G. Targan & Associates has years of experience with personal injury lawsuits involving casinos. In one recent lawsuit involving a casino overserving alcohol, our attorneys helped our client secure a $1 million settlement for the devastating injuries caused by a drunk driver overserved at a local casino. If you suffered a personal injury or lost a loved one because of a negligent casino overserving alcohol, it is essential that you contact an experienced Atlantic City casino injury lawyer who can get started upholding your legal rights as soon as possible.

The Dangers of Overserving Alcohol at Casinos

Alcohol impairs a person’s ability to make sound judgments, and in some individuals may cause an increased level of social aggression. Some of the past Atlantic City casino lawsuits we have handled include innocent individuals who were assaulted and attacked by intoxicated casino patrons.

One casino negligence case in particular involved our client being stalked by an intoxicated patron. Despite a complaint made to the casino security, the intoxicated customer was still served alcohol. The intoxicated casino guest eventually attacked our client. Such negligence on the part of the casino is incredibly dangerous, especially since the casino had been warned of the attacker’s aggression.

Drunk Driving Accidents Caused by New Jersey Casinos

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicated that close to 30 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities in New Jersey are from alcohol-related vehicle accidents. A death that occurs due to a casino overserving alcohol is also a preventable wrongful death. A dedicated casino accident attorney can help you hold negligent establishments accountable for their role in causing a drunk driving crash.

The physical consequences of an assault or drunk driving accident can be serious and long-lasting. They can also inflict immense emotional and financial costs on the victim and his or her family. Common injuries involved in overserving alcohol cases include:

Many of these accidents can easily be prevented if casinos upheld their role in not serving alcohol to irresponsible and already intoxicated customers. The injustice of these accidents and injuries is why each casino injury attorney at our firm is dedicated to helping those affected by casino negligence get the justice they deserve. By holding casinos and other establishments that negligently overserve alcohol in Atlantic City, Cape May or nearby responsible for their actions, we can help change business practices to prioritize your safety over profits.

Free Initial Consultation with a Casino Injury Lawyer in Middle and Lower Townships

The casino that caused your injuries will most certainly have its own legal team that will stop at nothing to discredit your claim, which is why you deserve tough, dedicated legal counsel on your side.

Our Atlantic City negligence lawyers are happy to meet with residents of Avalon, Strathmere, Sea Isle City and surrounding areas hurt when casinos do not put your best interests first. Contact our personal injury law firm today to take the first step towards getting justice and compensation from the negligent casino that caused your injuries or loss of your loved one.