Has Negligence Seriously Hurt or Killed Your Child?

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We love our children more than anything, which is why injuries to children are so devastating. Children suffer serious injuries every year in car accidents, playground accidents and accidents involving fireworks, dogs and unsupervised swimming pools. Thousands of babies suffer traumatic birth injuries because of medical malpractice. Child injuries have lasting emotional, psychological and physical effects on children and their families, and come with a heavy financial burden. The cost to raise a healthy child to the age of 18 in Atlantic City is hundreds of thousands of dollars. What do you do when your child has special needs and can never leave home?

Donald G. Targan & Associates is a personal injury firm that handles injuries to children with experience, care and attention. The attorneys at Donald G. Targan & Associates are fathers, too, and, therefore, are committed to our clients and to their children. Donald G. Targan & Associates employs a full-time medical consultant and an investigator to assist with our birth injury litigation. Donald G. Targan have over 65 years of litigation experience between them and are not afraid to take on big businesses. Examples of our settlements and verdicts for children’s injuries include:

  • A $5.9-million-dollar Atlantic City medical malpractice verdict for a child who suffered severe brain damage and cerebral palsy after the hospital staff failed to detect fetal distress during the baby’s delivery.
  • A $4.5-million-dollar Atlantic City verdict after plate glass lacerated and permanently scarred a child who encountered defective steps.
  • A $3.5-million-dollar Atlantic City medical malpractice verdict for a child who suffered brain damage and lost a kidney after a doctor negligently prescribed medication to the pregnant mother during her third trimester.
  • An Atlantic City insurance settlement for an eight-year-old child after a savage dog attack.

What are the Most Common Causes of Child Injuries and Accidents?

Children, especially very young children, are often curious and have not yet developed skills like good judgment. For these reasons, objects and situations that would pose no threat to an adult can sometimes be very dangerous or even deadly for children. The most common causes of child injury include:

  • Car Accidents – Children require car or booster seats to protect them in the event of a crash. Defective or improper use of car seats, poor vehicle design or driver negligence can all cause child injuries.
  • Defective or Dangerous Products – Children put everything in their mouths. Small toy parts or toxic substances can cause choking or poisoning injuries.
  • Swimming Pool Accidents – Children who cannot swim or are not strong enough to swim alone face the biggest risk of drowning and pool injuries. Owners of private pools have a responsibility to install protective fences to keep children from wandering into the water. Public pools must have lifeguards on duty at all times.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents – Improper supervision at day care facilities or at home can result in a child experiencing a serious fall.
  • Playground Accidents – Defective playground equipment can cause serious injuries like broke bones and traumatic brain injury.

Children are much more vulnerable than adults and are less able to protect themselves. Therefore, daycare workers and companies that manufacture children’s products have a duty to take steps to protect youngsters. When they neglect this duty, a serious child injury or even wrongful death can result.

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