Injured by a Malfunctioning Elevator or Escalator?

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Picture of broken elevatorApproximately 17,000 people in the United States are injured by elevators and escalators every year. It is the responsibility of businesses and building owners to maintain onsite equipment to prevent malfunctions and accidents. improper maintenance and design defects are two of the most common causes of escalator and elevator failures that can lead to serious injuries and the wrongful deaths of guests.

At Donald G. Targan & Associates, our elevator accident attorney teams in Atlantic City and Cape May have decades of experience litigating personal injury claims, including those involving elevator and escalator accidents. All building owners are responsible for the safe operation of elevators and escalators, as are the companies that install and repair these machines. When they fail in their duty to keep guests safe, our law firm will work aggressively to hold them accountable for the damages their negligence caused.

What are the Most Common Causes of Elevator and Escalator Accidents?

In Atlantic City, elevators and escalators are in high use at casinos and hotels. With hundreds to thousands of visitors coming to these locations every week, month or year, it is crucial for elevators and escalators to function properly. The most common causes of elevator and escalator accidents include:

  • Incorrect installation – If an elevator or escalator is not installed correctly, the moving parts may cause elevator failure, or electrical and technical issues may cause a fall or other serious personal injury.
  • Sudden stops – When an elevator or escalator stops without warning, passengers may lose balance and fall. This is a particular danger for escalator riders, who may fall down the steps of the stopped machine.
  • Missing parts – Elevators and escalators are supposed to be equipped with safety panels and guards to prevent passengers from getting hands and feet caught in the mechanisms and doors. If these parts are missing, serious personal injuries can result.
  • Design defects – Sometimes, the overall design of the device can cause dangerous escalator and elevator injuries to passengers.
  • Poor maintenance – If these machines are not inspected regularly, worn out parts and missing pieces may not be replaced before they cause a dangerous elevator or escalator accident.

If a building or casino owner is negligent in maintaining their elevators and escalators, they should be held liable for any injuries that result. With the help of a qualified elevator accident attorney, victims and their families can seek injury compensation to recover financial expenses, emotional suffering and other damages caused by the elevator or escalator accident. By holding these companies accountable, you are sending a message that accidents like these should never occur and that guest safety should be their number one priority.

NJ Elevator Accident Attorney with a Record of Success in Personal Injury Cases

The Atlantic City accident attorneys at Donald G. Targan & Associates have years of experienced representing individuals harmed on defective elevators and escalators. When we take an elevator or escalator accident case, our lawyers will examine the facts of the accident and determine if you have a cause of action. The firm partners, Donald G. Targan will review your case along with the assistance of investigators and experts for free. In a contingency fee agreement, clients only owe attorney fees if we successfully recover money on your behalf.

For example, one of our clients was thrown off an escalator that stopped abruptly due to a long-standing defect and improper maintenance. The Atlantic City casino escalator owner, as well as the company that was paid to maintain the escalator, were both responsible for this problem. The client suffered a severe shoulder injury. After approximately one week of trial, both defendants settled the case in favor of our client, who required surgical implantation of a metal rod and socket.

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The attorneys at the law firm of Donald G. Targan & Associates in Atlantic City and Cape May know how to investigate elevator and escalator accident claims. We have experience holding negligent business owners and maintenance companies accountable for the damage caused by faulty elevators and escalators. In the past, we have helped clients from Strathmere, Avalon, Whitesboro and the surrounding areas gain the compensation they need to begin recovering.

If an elevator or escalator accident has caused you or someone you love serious injury or wrongful death, our personal injury law firm is here to help. Contact a negligence attorney online or call our office for a free initial consultation.