How Does a Contingency Fee Agreement Work?

Our New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys Invest in Your Claim

Our Cape May and Atlantic City personal injury attorneys offer contingency fee arrangements for ALL costs and expenses.At Donald G. Targan & Associates, our Cape May and Atlantic City personal injury attorneys handle all cases on a contingency fee basis. This means we cover all costs associated with your personal injury case and do not charge you any upfront fees. Additionally, unlike other law firms, you owe us nothing if we do not recover a successful verdict or settlement on your behalf. You do not even have to reimburse costs like court filing fees, which some lawyers require regardless of the outcome of your case.

Our personal injury law firm has been representing New Jersey residents since 1969. We understand the financial difficulties many victims face after a serious accident. That is why we use our own money to pay all costs and fees, and we only collect payment and reimbursement if you win your case. We also offer free initial consultations, so you can find out if you have a claim and get your questions answered.

What is the Difference Between Attorney Fees and Legal Costs?

When you hire an attorney to represent your personal injury case, you will most likely sign a contingency fee agreement. This document will itemize all expenses, fees and costs that will be deducted from your successful verdict or settlement. These items include:

  • Legal costs. These are expenses that relate to investigating, filing and preparing your case. They can include court filing costs, expert witness fees, travel and copying expenses.
  • Attorney fees. This expense is essentially the lawyer’s invoice for his or her time and labor. In a standard contingency fee agreement, your attorney will receive a percentage of the total damages awarded.

In a successful personal injury case, your attorney will take fees and legal costs out of your settlement or verdict. He or she will also pay the value of any medical liens against you. The remaining money is yours, and can be used to pay your remaining hospital bills, injury-related debts and more.

You Pay No Fees or Costs Unless Your Case is Successful

Most personal injury law firms take cases on a contingency fee basis, but not all contingency fee agreements are the same. Many lawyers will require clients to pay legal costs themselves during the case. Others may stipulate that you pay back these costs regardless of the outcome of your case. This means that, even if you lose, you owe the attorney money.

However, the Cape May and Atlantic City personal injury attorneys at Donald G. Targan & Associates are different. We always front all legal costs ourselves. We pay all court fees for you, as well as cover the cost of accident reconstructionists, forensic economists, medical experts and more. You pay nothing throughout the entire process of your personal injury case.

We invest in you and your case to help you get the compensation you deserve for your personal injuries. Essentially, we use our own money to offer you the best representation available while we negotiate a settlement and prepare for trial. Additionally, if we do not get you a successful verdict or settlement, you do not owe us any reimbursement whatsoever.

Questions about Our Contingency Fees? Call Our Personal Injury Attorneys Now

Contingency fee agreements can be confusing, especially if you are already struggling with the stress and pain of serious personal injuries. Our New Jersey personal injury attorneys are always ready to sit down with you to discuss contingency fees and fully explain your agreement.

Contact us online or call our New Jersey law offices in Atlantic City or Cape May. We offer free initial consultations, and are happy to represent clients from throughout New Jersey. Past clients include residents of Whitesboro, Dennisville and Erma as well as Rio Grande and Del Haven.