Could My Social Media Accounts Affect My Personal Injury Case?

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Avoid social media mistakes during your personal injury case

Most people have made mistakes on social media at some point or another. Perhaps they posted an embarrassing photo or unintentionally shared something private. These mistakes sometimes cost you friends or may hurt your professional reputation. However, if you are involved in a personal injury case, these social media mistakes could cost you much more.

How Do Social Media Mistakes Affect My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

What you share or what others share about you could affect your ability to recover compensation for a personal injury. Attorneys working for the defense and insurance adjusters have every reason to discredit your injury claim. They may try to use your social media posts in an attempt to hurt the validity of your case.

If you want to avoid making social media mistakes that could hurt your case, then you should consider utilizing the following tips.

  1. Consider leaving social media: You should consider dropping off social media while your personal injury case is being handled by your attorney. You cannot make a social media mistake if you are not up-to-date on your posts. If you do continue to post, remember that the defense could see what you share. It would also be an especially bad idea to discuss your case online. One wrong word and your post could be used against you.
  2. Maximize the privacy settings: If you do not leave social media, then you could maximize the privacy settings for your social media accounts. Many social media sites allow you to modify who you share content with or how you show up on search results. You should be aware that even with the optimal privacy settings, your posts may still be recoverable. Keeping your social media profiles private is becoming increasingly difficult on today’s internet.
  3. Limit shared content about yourself: Social media sites like Facebook allow others to tag you in posts or photos. You may want to consider turning off these features on all social media accounts while your case is active.
  4. Consult with your attorney: Your attorney is there to help you avoid social media mistakes that could harm your case. There are several legal mistakes you could make with your social media account, such as deleting content that has become evidence in a lawsuit.

What could happen if you were to make a social media mistake? At worst, it could prevent you from recovering compensation for your injuries or loss. There are also sanctions you could face in court for failing to preserve social media evidence.

The attorneys at Donald G. Targan & Associates have decades of combined experience with personal injury claims. If you want to discuss filing a personal injury claim, it costs nothing to speak with one of our attorneys.

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