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Can I Sue a Gym if I Signed a Waiver?

People are often unaware that they can still sue a gym after they’ve signed a waiver. With summer currently in full swing, we see memberships to facilities once again become popular. So, if you are injured, understanding your options is important. Premises Liability at the Gym When people are invited onto someone else’s land, the owner becomes liable for any injuries sustained while on the property. For example, it is a gym owner’s duty to keep it in a safe condition. Waivers signed upon membership keep gyms from being sued for any common exercising injury, such as pulling a muscle. But sometimes someone is injured due to the hazardous conditions of a property. For example, if the equipment at a gym is faulty and not cared for. Or, the facility itself has dangers that could have been fixed if it was properly inspected. Victims with genuine premises liability cases can…
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Who is Responsible for My Amusement Park Injury?

While it may be surprising to some, fear of getting an amusement park injury does carry weight. Just last week in upstate New York, a young girl fell 25 feet down from a ride. Luckily a crowd formed below the stopped gondola and broke her fall. She was immediately rushed to the hospital where she was treated for minor injuries. Did the Amusement Park Do its Best to Keep Me Safe? When an injury is sustained, the amusement park can be liable in a premises liability lawsuit. While you are on their property they are responsible to provide reasonable care. This means they are required to make sure all mechanical aspects of the ride perform correctly. For example, the gondola ride that the young girl fell from is said to be in appropriate working condition. But this is not the only way that a park is viewed as responsible. Amusement…
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Is the Water in New Jersey’s Schools Safe?

A recent survey involving the safety of water in New Jersey schools produced some troubling results. The Press of Atlantic City conducted the survey, which found that of the 26 school districts that completed state-mandated water testing at the time, at least one source of drinking water in 13 of the school districts contained elevated levels of lead. Reportedly, in some cases, the elevated levels of lead could be traced to an issue within the sinks or water fountains. The Hamilton Township School District provided students with bottled water until they could repair the issue. Per The Press of Atlantic City report, school districts in New Jersey have until July to complete water-testing. According to the Mayo Clinic, lead poisoning in children can result in developmental delays, hearing loss, seizures, loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, abdominal pain and learning difficulties. What Can Parents Do If a School Is Responsible…
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