What Are the Most Common Holiday Accidents?

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Photo of a Child Admiring the Christmas Tree

As the year winds down, many of us are making plans for the upcoming holidays. This time of year, we all look forward to gathering with old friends and family. Sharing food, drinks and gifts adds extra magic to the festivities.

Unfortunately, all the extra excitement may mean increased chances for holiday accidents. It is important to keep the following common accidents in mind this holiday season. Taking extra precautions to avoid these mishaps will keep your holiday season light and fun.

Winter Weather Car Accidents

The winter season brings with it less than ideal driving conditions. Snow and ice on the roads will mean decreased visibility and slippery wheels. Additionally, the days become shorter and the time we spend driving in the dark increases. On top of all of this, it’s the holiday season. Many people are out on the road, traveling to see family or on their way to pick up last-minute items from the store. Decorations and lights also contribute to distracting drivers while out on the road. Taken together, driving at this time of year increases the chance of car accidents.

Holiday Fires and Burns

The cold weather and festive feel of winter make lighting the fireplace and extra candles a must. However, these holiday favorites increase the chances of house fires and burns. To avoid this, you will want to keep an eye on your open flames, making sure they are in stable areas, kept away from children, and blown out at night.

Additionally, if you have a live Christmas tree, make sure it is not dried out and that its needles are not falling easily. Keep it as far away from heat sources as you can to prevent unnecessary fires.

It is also common for holiday celebrators to sustain burns in the winter season. Extra cooking puts many individuals in close contact with heat from the oven and cooking trays. Using the appropriate cooking gear will protect you from sustaining serious burns this holiday season.

Injuries from Holiday Decorations

Each year, many people suffer injuries related to putting up or mishandling decorations. To put up lights or figurines, many take to their ladders and traverse their steep roofs. Climbing a ladder to reach the top of the Christmas tree is common as well. Unfortunately, falling from great heights occurs every year. To avoid this, make sure your equipment is secure and stable before use.

Other decorations are fragile, sharp, hot, electrified, or just plain in the way. Baubles can shatter, wires can get crossed, and tripping hazards abound. When planning out your decorations this winter, keep these potential accidents in mind. Plan for adequate spacing and the curiosity of young children.

Winter Weather Slip and Falls

Snow and ice mean slippery surfaces which make us all prone to falling. The best way to combat this is by shoveling and clearing pathways on your property. This may include sidewalks, steps and driveways. Often it is the case that you are legally obligated to clear pathways on or near your property that others need to use for foot travel. It is best to get this taken care of as soon as possible to avoid accidents and lawsuits.

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