What Are the Most Dangerous Roads for Pedestrians in New Jersey?

Posted on June 21, 2013 at 9:12am by

Answers from an Atlantic City Accident Lawyer

The New Jersey Star-Ledger recently discussed a report released by the Tri-State Transportation Commission that lists the most dangerous roads for pedestrians in the state of New Jersey. These roadways were identified as putting pedestrians at a particularly high risk of suffering death and catastrophic injuries from a vehicle collision.

It is important to note that highways and other roads barred to pedestrians were not included in the report. These pedestrian deaths occurred on roadways that were open to transit by foot and that contained attractions that catered to pedestrians.

The Most Dangerous Roads for Pedestrians in New Jersey

The Tri-State report notes that 1,242 pedestrians were killed in Connecticut, downstate New York and New Jersey over the course of a year. According to the analysis, the most dangerous roads for pedestrians in New Jersey are:

  • Routes 322 & 40 (Atlantic)
  • Route 130/Burlington Pike (Burlington)
  • Route 1 (Middlesex)
  • Route 30/Whitehorse Pike (Camden)
  • Routes 9 & 35 (Middlesex)
  • Route 501/JFK Boulevard (Hudson)
  • Route 46 (Morris)
  • Route 9 (Ocean)
  • Routes 1 & 9 (Union)
  • Route 21/McCarter Highway (Essex)
  • Route 1 & 9 (Hudson)
  • Route 35 (Middlesex)

The most deadly roads in the tri-state region were not located in New Jersey. However, the report noted that there had been an increase in pedestrian deaths in the Garden State since the last year. Sadly, the most dangerous road for pedestrians is right here in Atlantic County.

Ways to Make the Roads Less Dangerous for Pedestrians

The Commission’s report recommends implementing new safety features along the dangerous roadways in order to reduce the rate of pedestrian accidents. In particular, the report notes that “traffic calming infrastructure and camera technology [would be] inexpensive ways to reduce pedestrian deaths and injuries.”

It may be some time before local governments are able to address the issues of these dangerous roads. If you find yourself needing to walk on one of these roadways, it is essential that you proceed with caution and remain alert for any reckless drivers that may come your way. You can also keep yourself safe on the road by:

  • Using sidewalks where provided and walking while facing traffic
  • Wearing bright colors and using a flashlight
  • Watching and listening for any out-of-control vehicles
  • Avoiding the road in hazardous weather conditions

If you have suffered catastrophic injuries due to a pedestrian accident, an Atlantic City accident attorney can help you explore your full rights and options for action under the law. Contact our office today for assistance.