What if I Was Assaulted in a Casino?

Posted on April 23, 2014 at 12:53pm by

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Recently, Ray Rice, a halfback for the National Football League’s (NFL) Baltimore Ravens, was accused of assaulting his fiancée in the Revel Casino in Atlantic City. Reportedly, Rice knocked his fiancée unconscious by striking her with his hand, and cameras recorded him dragging her out of an elevator in the casino. Rice faces potential punishment from both the NFL and the Atlantic City Police Department. Rice’s fiancée has not taken any known legal action against him.

Casinos can be dangerous if proper security measures are not taken, and casino negligence allows visitors to become victims of assault, particularly when excessive drinking is involved. When assaults happen, people should know they can hold the responsible parties accountable for the incident. If you have been injured or assaulted in a casino in New Jersey, speak to us about your legal rights. We represent local residents as well as visitors who were injured in our state.

What Do I Do After I am Assaulted at a Casino?

If someone assaults you in a casino, more than one party may be at fault. Because of this, you may be able to seek compensation from multiple sources:

  • The person who committed the assault – The first party at fault for the incident is the person who assaulted you. Just like when another person or company’s negligent actions cause injury, victims can sue a company or person for intentional actions, such as assault. Casino security, cameras, police reports and other patrons may all be able to prove your account, meaning this may be the easiest way to get compensation for your resulting injuries.
  • The casino – Casino negligence can create an environment that is the proximate cause of an assault. Casinos have a high duty to its customers to maintain safe premises. Negligent security is when the property has a low presence of guards, employees who seem disinterested, poor lighting or lack of security cameras that failed to keep a patron safe. If a casino overserves alcohol and the intoxicated person harms you, you may have an additional claim against the casino. If a casino employee assaults you, employers are liable for actions of their employees when they are on the job.

I Need an Injury Attorney to Help Me After a Casino Assault

Since senior partner Donald G. Targan established our law firm in 1969, Donald G. Targan & Associates has worked to defend the rights of injury victims everywhere. Our injury lawyers have more than 70 years of combined legal experience and they have received significant recognition for their legal successes. Our New Jersey injury attorneys can give victims personal attention while utilizing their legal knowledge and resources to secure compensation. You can talk about your case and receive attorney advice for free, so call our personal injury law firm today.