Why Do Cars Leave the Roadway?

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Have you ever read reports in the news about cars leaving the roadway or traveling into oncoming traffic? Have you ever wondered why this occurs? You are not alone.

Recently, Forbes reported that wrong way driving accidents are on the rise in our country. To figure out why, the publication turned to the AAA Foundation (AAA) and the National Transportation Safety
(NTSB). Both organizations stepped up to try to answer the question of why wrong way driving accidents happen. Here is some of what they found.

What Causes Wrong Way Accidents?

In the past, there has been very little evidence to help us determine what causes vehicles to leave the road and slam into other vehicles. However, with this type of accident increasing, experts are trying to learn more. The AAA foundations new study points to three major factors to wrong way accidents:

  • Driving alone
  • Older age
  • Alcohol-impairment

How Can We Fight Wrong Way Driving Accidents?

The highest contributor to this trend seems to be drunk driving. Experts recommend states and municipalities increase drunk driving enforcement and checkpoints. To combat the other contributing factors, AAA and NTSB recommend training programs for the elderly and installing new high visibility signage. They also recommend bringing a passenger along for the ride.

Debris in the road, auto part failure or confused drivers, who may not know the area contribute to this problem as well. Asking someone along for the ride may help. A passenger may help alert drivers to dangers that they could miss.

Can an Atlantic City Car Accident Attorney Help Me After a Wrong Way Accident?

Whenever a vehicle travels into oncoming traffic or leaves the roadway, catastrophic injuries or death can occur. In fact, passengers in vehicles that leave the roadway are 27 percent more likely to die in them than occupants of standard accidents are. Many of these accidents are avoidable, resulting from recklessness or negligence.

If you suffer an injury due to a vehicle traveling off the road or a wrong way driver struck you on the highway, speak to our Atlantic City car accident attorney. Our lawyers can investigate your accident and determine if negligence or recklessness was involved in your crash.

You may be able to hold another driver liable and seek damages for injury treatment and rehabilitation. This is especially true if you have suffered any permanent disabilities. To see how we have helped car accident victims, visit our verdicts and settlements page.


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