Woman Injured by Plane Propeller at Newark Airport

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A woman was hospitalized after being hit by a plane propellerPort Authority officials are investigating a tragic work accident that occurred at a Newark airport. According to Port Authority New York and New Jersey police, a Prime Flight employee was struck by a moving propeller at Newark Liberty International Airport. Authorities said the woman was injured by a plane propeller operated by CommutAir, a company that conducts flights for United Express. The 54-year-old worker is being treated at University Hospital for severe head trauma.

What Is a Third Party Lawsuit?

In many cases, employees who are injured on the job cannot file lawsuits against their employers. Instead, injured workers can rely on workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ comp benefits may pay for medical services, medications and lost income.

However, there are cases where it is possible to file a lawsuit against third parties who are responsible for a workplace accident. These are parties that have no employee-employer relationship with the injured worker. They do not work for the same company.

Workers’ compensation may not provide all of the benefits an injured worker and their family would need to recover. This is especially the case for catastrophic injuries. In addition, the awards from a third party lawsuit can be much higher than benefits allowed under workers compensation.

It can be difficult for injured workers or their families to determine when a third party is responsible for an accident. Modern workplaces typically have multiple companies working together on the same worksite. Therefore, it is crucial to speak with a personal injury attorney who has experience handling third party lawsuits.

The New Jersey personal injury attorneys at Donald G. Targan & Associates have decades of combined experience helping injured workers and their families.

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